FBCF has created a reputation for success and insight unrivalled in the South England property market.

The partners' vast expertise with the financial side of property has given the company a unique advantage when it comes to identifying smart opportunities, and leveraging market conditions for optimum results. 

Today, the joint-venture organisation is often regarded as one of the most insightful in the market, with properties that are at the forefront of the development cycle for the areas in which they are located.


Acting  from proven knowledge is key to our approach. As such, the business is committed to technology, environmental  sustainability, and world-class architecture and design. However, it is  the firm’s talent for understanding the motivators of residential buyers  that has vaulted projects to the top of the market time and time again.  To that end, the company specialises in creative, flexible, innovative  ways to infuse every property with cultural integrity, sense of place,  and lifestyle-driven features that exemplify all that is possible in  today’s modern world.  

The Partners

Raymond Fullerton

Raymond has built a long career in property investment since the 1980s.

He has participated as investor and developer in several different projects which include the development of office buildings, single and multi-family projects, retail and hotel development, amongst others. He has also worked in the financial industry for more than 20 years, which gives him impressive expertise in financing operations and fund-raising as well as investment knowledge. All of this gives him a profound understanding of property markets.

Estelle Chalmers

Estelle brings extraordinary talent and creativity to FBCF. In her earlier career, she was a key team member behind a number of developments across the Home Counties. While there, she was involved in directing design, identifying new opportunities, and ensuring quality across multiple projects.

Her corporate leadership and profound understanding of the property business has led her to pursue development opportunities across the South East since 2002 when she started developing projects as a partner.

Estelle becomes strongly involved in the pre-development stages of the projects, from the study of the economic feasibility through the definition of the product and the development of the projects. Today, she brings this expertise plus a dynamic vision of the future to FBCF Developments.